Water Heater Installation

Do You Need Water Heater Installation?

Your water heater may be showing its age. The most obvious symptom is that you’re not receiving as much hot water as before. Other indications may be reduced water temperature, leaks around your heater, or problems with water quality. If you’re not sure what the problem is, you can contact Olsson Plumbing. We’ll send one of our trained plumbers to inspect your unit and advise you on whether to have a repair or replacement.


If you decide on water heater installation, we can bring a replacement heater unless you want to choose one on your own. Either way, we’ll restore it. Because such installations involve water, electricity, and gas, only licensed professionals should attempt it. We guarantee our work and in emergencies, can come anytime to any location that is in and around Alameda, CA. Please contact us today to find out all our water heater services.