Kitchen Sink Installation

Kitchen Sink Installation to Complement Your Home

If you want kitchen sink installation to complement your home, then the best time to get it done is when you’re building or renovating the kitchen. Everything related to the install can then be seamlessly integrated into the kitchen. But even if you need to replace a sink in your current kitchen, we can do it without affecting your countertop. Olsson Plumbers brings seven decades of plumbing experience to your home in Alameda, CA.


We can attend to the job right away, if you already have the sink or fixtures with you. If you prefer us to supply everything, we can also offer a selection of options. We’ll also handle anything you want to include in the installation such as garbage disposals, built-in soap dispensers, or pot fillers. We’ll protect your kitchen floor, cabinet, and any existing fixtures you want to keep. Call us today for a free estimate.